How to know if a Shopware Order will download as Paid or Unpaid into


When Shopware orders are downloaded, Paid Status List is checked in order to set these orders as paid or unpaid in

For the purpose of configuring properly the channel when downloading orders, this List has to be a comma separated list. 


Paid Status List (Linnworks channel configs): Partially paid, Completely paid, ...

Default Payment statuses on Shopware

These are the Statuses at Shopware that can be used on the Paid Status List in Linnworks:

  • Partially invoiced
  • Completely invoiced
  • Partially paid
  • Completely paid
  • 1st reminder
  • 2nd reminder
  • 3rd reminder
  • Encasement
  • Open
  • Reserved
  • Delayed
  • Re-crediting
  • Review necessary
  • No credit approved
  • The credit has been preliminary accepted
  • The credit has been accepted
  • The payment has been ordered by Hanseatic Bank
  • A time extension has been registered
  • The process has been cancelled.


All orders with the Status of Partially Paid and Completely Paid (example) will download into as PAID orders, else as UNPAID orders. 

If any of the Default Payment Statuses on Shoppware  are in the mentioned Paid Status List (comma separated) when Linnworks is downloading orders from Shopware, the order will be download as Paid, as mentioned,. Else it is set to Unpaid.

For more details about how to configure Shopware. See our Documentation