Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to eBay.


Some of my downloaded eBay orders are marked as unpaid even though they show as paid on the channel, why is this?


eBay orders may be marked unpaid for a number of reasons based on the data that eBay provides to Linnworks with the order. This process can be broken down into two stages. If an order passes the primary assessment, it will be marked as paid only if one of the secondary assessment criteria are true:

  • Primary Assessment
    • Is the order Pending with PayPal? If so, the order is unpaid.
    • Is the order marked as Incomplete or Pending? If so, the order is unpaid.
    • Is the payment In Process or has it failed? If so, the order is unpaid.
  • Secondary Assessment
    • Payment Method is one of:
      • PayPal
      • American Express
      • Discover
      • Integrated Merchant Credit Card - This is used when you have an integrated payment gateway
      • PaisaPayAccepted - Only applicable to listings
      • VisaMC - Visa/Mastercard
      • Another credit card, given by eBay as CCAccepted, where the total paid is equal to the total price of the order and the time the order was paid is specified.

If an order is marked as unpaid due to it failing either the primary or secondary assessment, it will be saved into your Linnworks system as an Unpaid order, marked in open orders with $, £ or depending on the currency the order was downloaded with. Unpaid orders are checked via API approximately every 6 hours to see if they have subsequently been paid. If so, the order payment status will be updated in Linnworks.

NB! If the payment method is eCheque, then eBay does not send an update to Linnworks about the payment going through, since the information is sent to the seller via email or notification. Linnworks does not have access to these details and relies on eBay API. So far, eBay is not sending these updates via API, so the payment status for eCheque orders will stay as Unpaid and will need to be updated in Linnworks manually.


Linnworks will display an order as Unpaid if it cannot be confirmed that the order is paid. It will be periodically checked and updated to paid status if and when eBay confirms the payment.

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