To turn on the automatic merging of order, you will need to enable bellow setting in Settings > General Settings > Order Settings:

This will allow Linnworks to automatically merge orders that meet the order merge prerequisites. This process will automatically look for and merge orders every 15 minutes.


Prerequisites for Merging Orders

Two or more orders can be merged all orders satisfy the merging prerequisites:
  • Customer name and address must match (Case-sensitivity will not be applied)
  • The orders must originate from the same channel (Source & SubSource)
  • All orders must be paid
  • All orders must have the same currency
  • All orders must have the same Linnworks Postal Service

The despatch by date of merged orders gets set to the earliest despatch by date on the original orders. Eg: Order 10001: 21st June 12:12 and Order 10005: 22nd June 14:46
The despatch by date of the new order would be 21st June 12:12.