Linnworks has a setting which can be enabled/disabled Settings > General Settings > Order Settings > Order Merge to allow the system to automatically merge orders in your Open Orders screen which match a certain set of criteria.

Enabling this setting will allow Linnworks to automatically merge orders that meet the below-given order merge prerequisites once every 15 minutes.

Auto-merge criteria

Orders can only be merged if they meet the following criteria:

  • Customer name and address must match (Case-sensitivity will not be applied).
  • The orders must originate from the same channel (Source & SubSource).
  • All orders must be paid.
  • All orders must have the same currency.
  • All orders must have the same Linnworks Postal Service.
  • A shipping label or Invoice is not printed for all orders to be merged.
  • All orders are not Locked/Parked.

NB! Amazon Prime orders will not be merged automatically. Though Amazon Prime orders can be merged manually, it is not recommended as it can cause issues with label printing.

The despatch by date of merged orders gets set to the earliest despatch by date on the original orders. For example, order 10001: 21st June 12:12 and Order 10005: 22nd June 14:46 - the despatch by date of the new order will be set as 21st June 12:12.

For details on manually merging and splitting orders, please see this documentation page.