Hot Buttons are used to allow users quick access to key functionality/tasks that would normally only be available through the Actions button or right-click menu. Full details on customising Open Orders views are available here.

1. To add Hot Buttons to your Open Orders screen views, go to Open Orders > select the view you want to add the buttons to > cogwheel icon for Editing View. (For steps in the old Open Orders screen, please see further on in the article).

2. In Editing View screen click on the Buttons tab and Add Button.

3. It will open a screen where you can set the button name, action path, icon and style for the Hot Button.

4. Once you have set the needed details, be sure to click Save at the bottom right of the screen and the buttons will appear next to the Actions button in your view:

Old Open Orders screen

Below are the default buttons that are permanently available on all views in the old Open Orders screen:

  • New Order - used to create a direct order within Linnworks, eg - when receiving a telesales order.
  • Despatch Console - used to make the process of despatching orders fast, easy and efficient. See full details for Despatch Console here.
  • Settings cog - provides access to order book settings and control the location used when dispatching/fulfilling orders.

In order to add hot buttons to the old Open Orders screen in, you need to go to your Open Orders screen select Edit View (default or any other view) > Hot Buttons > Add New.

For details on how to configure/display additional buttons such as Edit Order and View Order in each view in the old Open Orders screen, see here.