Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to eBay.


The total on an unpaid order is displaying as 0.00 due to how Linnworks has to handle unpaid orders downloaded from eBay. When Linnworks downloads an order, it downloads the information into XML format. You can see this raw data yourself:

a) Open Orders > View Order > Properties > Order XML

b) (for old Open Orders screen) Open Orders > right-click > View > View Order XML

Because the order is unpaid, the Amount Paid in the XML is 0. This Amount Paid value is the value that Linnworks uses to represent the total for the order. If the order is unpaid, then Linnworks cannot show how much the order has been bought for. 

Until the customer has paid for the order, and an Amount Paid value has been added, the order in Linnworks will show the true total of the order, which at the moment is 0. 

Please see this article for details on how Linnworks handles eBay orders in regards to payment statuses.