Purchase Order - Option To Show All Stock For Selected Supplier

We need some additional features;

When creating a purchase order and you have selected the supplier you want to generate an order for. The "supplier items (reorder point) needs an additional filter currently there is "to min level", "fulfill order", "Fulfill Paid Orders", "optimal stock level", "optimal + Safety stock") We need an additional filter, show all inventory items for supplier.

it will allow people who dont have enough sales data to support optimal stock level or optimal + safety stock, to be able to see item even if they are marginally over the minimum level.

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I've begged for this before.  Some of us don't run everything by the numbers; we know we are bringing it something from that supplier and we want to be reminded WHAT ALL WE GET FROM THEM incase we want to order additional items on the same inbound shipment from that supplier!


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