I have tried printing a shipping label and am seeing following error returned:

Error: The length (X) of the harmonised tariff code for item ABC1 is less than the minimum allowed (6)


This error usually is returned when printing a label for an international shipment due to one of the below reasons:

1. Because there was no tariff code submitted to the courier when printing a label for one or more order items.

2. The export tariff code length was not optimal to what the courier expects to see. It is now mandatory to submit Tariff Codes that are minimum 6 characters/digits long. Some couriers may have a different minimum accepted length, which might be higher than 6, for example 8 digits are required for EVRi Corporate Tariff codes.

When printing a label, first our system will check the tariff code from the Item's Extended Properties in > Inventory > My Inventory > Product Details > Extended Properties.

In case it's missing from Item's Extended Properties then it may be taken from > Shipping > Integrations > Services > Edit screen from the Default HS Tariff Code field. This field is not present for all courier integrations, but some may have it per courier shipping service.

In case it's missing from the service configuration, then it will be checked from > Shipping > Integrations > Config from the same Default HS Tariff Code field

Please make sure to have the tariff code present in your Item's Extended Properties in case you are shipping different product types or you can add a Default HS Tariff Code for some couriers in case you are shipping only one type of products. You can lookup the correct tariff codes from the following website:

Additional validation for the length of the tariff code was added due to ICS2 regulations that came into effect on the 1st of March:

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