I have tried printing a shipping label and am seeing one of the errors returned: 

Error: Unable to find country using ISO code: UNK

Error: Unable to find country using ISO code: UK


The following message appears in several situations and this article will cover two common cases where these errors may occur and provide solutions for both.

Case 1

The error indicates that the Order destination country has an incorrect ISO code specified.

To fix this, go to Settings > Countries > find the order destination country > amend the ISO code from UNK to the correct one  > Save changes.

Case 2

The error is returned if an incorrect ISO code is specified in the Item Extended Property for the Country of Origin. A common mistake is made when 'UK' is used instead of 'GB' for the items which are manufactured in the United Kingdom.

To fix this, go to Inventory > My Inventory > click on the SKU in question > Extended Properties > and check if the correct value is used for the Country of Origin property.

If the error message will still be the same, feel free to contact Linnworks Technical Support!