I have tried printing a shipping label and am seeing one of the below errors returned: 

Error: Unable to find country using ISO code: UNK

Error: Unable to find country using ISO code: UK


Scenario 1

The error indicates that the system is unable to retrieve the country name based on the ISO code (UNK) that is specified for it in System Settings. In order to ensure the right ISO code is assigned to the country, please go to Settings > Countries > Find the order destination country > amend the ISO code > Save changes.

Scenario 2

This error can also be returned if an incorrect ISO code is used in the item extended property that refers to the Country of Origin of the order item. A common mistake is made when 'UK' is used as the ISO code instead of 'GB' for when items are manufactured in United Kingdom. Open the Item Extended property of the order item and amend it to the correct value > Save changes > print the label once more.