I have tried printing a FedEx shipping label and am seeing an error returned:

3050: Invalid Recipient Postal Code Format


If this error is returned, you need to verify if the postal code is in the correct format as expected for the destination country where order is being shipped. In some cases the postal code may include extra spaces or characters which are not expected by courier and thus result in the above error.

In case you need to check and verify the format or the postcode itself, then you need to do it externally from Linnworks. The easiest way to do it is to go to and search for the postcode and normally Google Maps shows you the correct postcode if you search for the address lines and the correct town.

It's also possible to search for any country's official postcode verification site and search for the postcodes there or confirm it with the buyer directly.

Recipient postal code can be edited in > Orders > Open Orders, when you Edit the order and go to Shipping Address section.