I have tried printing a (New) Amazon Shipping label and am seeing an error returned: 

Error: InvalidInput: Invalid input. An invalid documentation specification was provided.  Please provide a documentation specification based on the GetRates response.


This error message means that there are mismatches between the requested Linnworks label format and the returned available format by Amazon. In certain cases and for certain services the requested format may differ from the available format returned by Amazon, which means that the Label Format would need to be adjusted in order for the label to be printed successfully. Some label formats also require additional documents which are not submitted (for example EVRi PDF), so once the format is changed to a different on (for example RAW or PNG 203 dpi)- the additional documents are no longer required and will not error.

To fix this error message, please take the following solution into consideration:

Please go to Shipping > Integrations > (New) Amazon Shipping > Printer Config and check what Template type is picked:

1. If it is PDF then try choosing PNG or RAW instead and save the changes. 

2. If it is ZPL then try choosing PNG or PDF instead and save the changes.

If the error message is still present, please contact Technical Support and provide an Order ID example for further investigation.