I have tried printing a FedEx label and I am seeing an error returned:

Error: All Currency Types in the Requested Shipment must match.<br/>InsuredValue - Invalid currency in RequestedPackage 1 (PACKAGE_INDEX=1)


The following error message appears in several cases related to Insured and Declared Value properties. This article will cover two common cases where these errors may occur and provide solutions for both. 

Case 1

FedEx requires the currency for the Insured Value Currency to match the currency of the Order itself.

To fix this, you need to do the following:

  • Go to Shipping > Integrations > FedEx > Properties > check the spelling of the Extended Properties used:

    Keep in mind that those Properties can be specified either on the Item or Order level.

  • Once you have checked which Extended Property is responsible for Insured Value Currency, check on the Item or Order if this property is present.

    To check on the Item level, go to Inventory > My Inventory > click on the SKU in question > Extended Properties > and check if the Property is present.

    To check on the Order level, go to Orders > Open Orders New > right-click on the Order > View Order > navigate to the Properties > Extended Properties > and check if the Property is present.

  • Ensure that the Insured Value Currency value matches the Order's currency. For example, if the Order's currency is in EUR, the Insured Value Currency value must also be set to EUR.

  • Once you have made the required adjustments, try to print once more.

Case 2

Linnworks allows specifying an Order's Declared Value in two ways:

  • Through the FedEx integration configuration. To do so, go to Shipping > Integrations > FedEx > Config > and there will be the following option present:

    If the 'Declared Value' setting is enabled, Linnworks will automatically use the Order value (excluding tax) as the insured amount for all Orders.

    Keep in mind that if you have Customs Value Includes Tax enabled for the Service used, the Order value will be submitted with tax.

    If you wish to apply this to only some Orders, you can use the Order Extended Property:

    The value will be either YES/ TRUE or NO/ FALSE.

    Also, FedEx has set a maximum declared value limit of 100 per shipment for FedEx Envelope or FedEx Pak packages, irrespective of the destination. If the Declared Value for the mentioned Packages is higher, an error message will appear: Shipping - FedEx: Insured value exceeds limit of 100 USD for the packaging type

  • Through Order Extended Properties. You can specify a different Insured Value for individual Orders by adding Order Extended Properties for Insured Value Amount and Insured Value Currency.

The error message can appear when a combination of settings and properties is enabled/added. 

Tips to avoid an error message:

  1. If you wish to use Order Total as the insured amount - only use the Declared Value setting/property. Do not add Insured Value Amount and Insured Value Currency in this case.

  2. If you wish to insure a different amount - add Insured Value Amount and Insured Value Currency as Order Extended Properties. This method should be used when the insured value differs from the Order's total. Ensure the 'Declared Value' setting in the FedEx integration configuration is disabled, and do not use the Declared Value property for the order.

If the error message will still be the same, feel free to contact Linnworks Technical Support!