I received the following email from UPS and would like to know what steps need to be taken on my account in Linnworks:

On 5 June 2023 UPS began the sunset process for access key authentication in favour of the more secure OAuth 2.0 model for all APIs.

This change impacts all API integrations and requires updates to your existing application interface.

If your integration is managed by a 3rd party, please contact the provider.

The migration guide linked below can help answer questions about the transition from access keys to OAuth 2.0.


You will be required to Authorise your account with UPS via the new link that will appear in your existing UPS config in Linnworks. Unless you need to add a different account number, you do not need to add a new integration at this stage.

1) Open > Shipping > Integrations > UPS > Config and click the link that asks you to 'reauthorise Linnworks with your UPS account'

2) You will be redirected to the UPS website, where you will need to login using your UPS email:

3) Now you will see the following message. Close this page, go back to Linnworks, and click Next.

Your account will now use OAuth 2.0 when printing UPS labels.

Adding a new UPS integration

The same process will be applied when you add a new UPS integration, as you will be presented with this screen

Additional information

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