I want to print a label for (New) DHL Parcel UK, but get the following error message:

Order Id:, Error: dimensions are invalid : Dimension XXX must be less than or equal to a maximum of 120 for this product and country.


This error typically arises when the dimensions of an order — width, depth, height, or a combination of these — do not align with the specified limits. Linnworks, in this case, is constrained by a DHL Parcel UK API limitation that dictates the maximum dimensions:

Height: less or equal to a maximum of 60

Width: less or equal to a maximum of 60 

Depth: less or equal to a maximum of 120 

In order to fix this, verify the dimensions of the affected order. Ensure that you have accurate measurements for the height, width, and depth.

To adjust this, you can either manually enter smaller dimensions (go to Orders > Open Orders New > right mouse click on the Order > View Order > Edit > Shipping and Packaging) or adjust this information for the Packaging Type (go to Shipping > Packaging Groups > click on the required one > adjust dimensions for the picked Packaging Type). 

If adjusting the dimensions is not feasible due to the nature of your products, you would need to change the Shipping Vendor and print once more.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Linnworks Technical Support for further help!