I want to print a label for (New) DHL Parcel UK, but get the following error message:

No available products available for requested origin, destination and shipment size


The error message indicates that there is an incorrect value (can also relate to a small value or odd symbol) in the Weight, Dimensions, or Address sections.

In order to fix this, go to Orders > Open Orders New > right mouse click on the Order > View Order > Edit > and check both Shipping and Packaging (for Weight and Dimensions) and Shipping To address sections.

Take the following into consideration:

- For Weight: make sure that Weight is not a 0 and is higher than 100 g.

- For Dimensions: make sure that Depth, Height, and Width are equal or less to the maximum accepted entries provided below:

Height: less or equal to a maximum of 60

Width: less or equal to a maximum of 60 

Depth: less or equal to a maximum of 120 

- For Address: make sure that the address is correct and there are no odd symbols present.

If the error message will still be present after the adjustments, feel free to contact Linnworks Technical Support for further help!

Additional information

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