I want to print a label for (New) DHL Parcel UK, but get the following error message:

iossShipment is invalid : For this country, product and shipment value this shipment must be an iossShipment.


The error message indicates that IOSS Order* is missing vital information, specifically MARKETPLACE_IOSS Order Extended Property.

*From the 1st of July, 2021, new EU VAT legislation requires online marketplaces to collect and declare the VAT paid on goods entering the EU valued at less than 150 EUR. To inform couriers that the marketplace has collected this tax, marketplaces must attach an IOSS number to every order that meets these criteria. 

In order to fix this, you would need to add MARKETPLACE_IOSS Order Extended Property to the Order following the steps below:

- Go to Shipping > Integrations > Properties > double-check to which Linnworks Order Extended Property MARKETPLACE_IOSS is linked. 


- Go back to Orders > Open Orders New > right mouse click on the Order in question > View Order > Edit > Properties > Extended Properties > add MARKETPLACE_IOSS with the correct value and Type as Attribute.

- Save changes and print label once more.

If the error message will be the same, feel free to contact Linnworks Technical Support for help!

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