A customer would like to send an item back and I would like to provide them with a prepaid FedEx return label.


FedEx integration provides an opportunity to print a return label from the Linnworks side.

To set this up, go to Shipping > Integrations > Config > in the newly opened window, you will see the following options under Returns Shipping:

Explanations for each option are provided below:

Return Type offers several opportunities:

  1.  FedEx Tag - you can choose FedEx ExpressTag if the customer does not have Internet access or a printer. FedEx will provide the shipping label, or if you need a package pickup receipt as proof that FedEx has processed the return or if Express returns are requested. With FedEx ExpressTag, you have a paperless system (in areas where it is available). Shipment information is transmitted electronically, so the FedEx driver picks up your return shipment label with a barcoded shipper reference number (such as your Return Material Authorization number) and receipt.

  2.  Pending - a return label is sent to the user's email and can be used if necessary. If it is not used within the indicated period, it will expire.

  3.  Print Return Label - the return label will be printed with the shipping label and included with the parcel. 

Return Instructions - you can add additional information to the return document.

Email Label Message - the content of the email message.

Days until email Expiration - specify the number of days units the emailed shipping label will expire.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact Linnworks Technical Support for further help!

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