When I try to print a label for DHL Express, I encounter the following error message:

Error: Unavailable special services


The error typically occurs when an item is marked as Dangerous Goods and the DHL Express Service being used cannot support the shipment of such products.

To adjust this, you would need to go through the following points:

1. If you do not ship Dangerous Goods.

First, confirm whether the item you are shipping should be classified as Dangerous Goods. If the item is not a Dangerous Goods, you would need to remove Content ID Item Extended Property from the product.

Go to Shipping > Integrations > DHL Express > Properties > check the Item Extended Property spelling for the Content ID.

Then, go to Inventory > My Inventory > click on the SKU in question > Extended Properties > locate the Content ID Extended Property and remove it.

Keep in mind that Content ID can be set up as Order Extended Property as well. If the item does not have Content ID Extended Property then go to Orders > Open Orders New > right mouse click on the Order > View Order > navigate to the Properties > Extended Properties > and check that Content ID is not present there.

Once you remove the Extended Property, you should be able to print the label.

2. If you ship Dangerous Goods.

If your item is classified as Dangerous Goods, the current DHL Express Service may not be suitable for shipping it. In this scenario, you need to select a different service that supports Dangerous Goods.

You can double-check with DHL Express directly which Services are available for Dangerous Goods and use them with the Order in question. 

If the error message will still be present, feel free to contact Linnworks Technical Support!

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