I want to start using the FedEx One Rate* shipping service, but I cannot find such a shipping service in the Services list for FedEx integration.

*FedEx One Rate is flat-rate shipping that does not require you to weigh or measure shipments under 50 lbs. You can choose the box or tube that best fits the size of what you need to ship and fill the package to capacity, as long as the shipment doesn’t exceed 50 pounds. It gives you a simple, predictable, flat-rate shipping option for your express packages. 


The article will touch upon several aspects of setting up FedEx One Rate in Linnworks:

- Requirements for FedEx One Rate to work in Linnworks

- Possible error messages

Requirements for FedEx One Rate to work in Linnworks 

In order to use the FedEx One Rate with Linnworks FedEx integration, the following points need to be taken into consideration:

Point 1: Availability of FedEx One Rate

FedEx One Rate is not a standalone shipping service but a feature available for a specific list of services:

FedEx 2Day®

FedEx 2Day® A.M.

FedEx Express Saver®

FedEx First Overnight®

FedEx Priority Overnight®

FedEx Standard Overnight®

To access it, go to Shipping > Integrations > Services > Edit Service > here, you will find the option to enable FedEx One Rate by ticking the corresponding box:

Point 2: Packaging Mapping Requirement

FedEx One Rate supplies discounted rates based on the dimensions of the parcel (it needs to fit in the specific packaging categories, like Tube, Large Package, or similar). 

Packaging Mapping for the FedEx One Rate feature is a vital step and needs to be configured correctly to avoid errors and problems with label printing.

To fulfill this step, you would need to make sure that in Shipping > Integrations > Properties > valid FedEx Packaging Type is mapped to Linnworks Packaging Type:

There are two possible outcomes:

If you are using FedEx Packaging - make sure that Linnworks Packaging Types are specified for the required FedEx Packaging Types.

If you are using your own Packaging - you would still need to link Packaging Types with FedEx Packaging but keep in mind that 'Your Packaging' will not work.

The following example will provide an illustration of the requirement and how to check which Packaging Type is assigned to which FedEx Packaging in Linnworks :

If you go to Open Orders New > right click on the Order in question > View Order > Shipping and Packaging > you can see what Linnworks Packaging was assigned to the Order. In the example below, the Small Box Packaging Type was assigned to the Order in Linnworks:

Go to Shipping > Integrations > Properties > scroll down to Package Mapping > you will see which FedEx Packaging is assigned to the Linnworks Packaging Type group. In our case, a FedEx Small Box is assigned to the Order. All the Orders that will have Linnworks Packaging Type as Small Box will have FedEx Small Box mapped to them automatically.

Keep in mind: The names of the Linnworks Packaging Groups may not be the same as in the example or as FedEx specified, the vital point is to distinguish groups in Linnworks and assign them properly, so any name will work perfectly fine.

FedEx Small Box dimensions are the following:

Point 3: Understanding the Visibility of One Rate

In order to see whether FedEx One Rate has been applied to the order prior to printing, you may check Shipping Quotes from the Open Orders screen > right click on the order > Shipping > Get Quotes > Run Quotes.

If the above set up has been completed (points 1 and 2) and you run quotes on an order that is supposed to return One Rate pricing, you will be able to open the additional service properties in the returned quote to view whether or not everything has been applied correctly (click on the plus sign to expand the properties):


Orders that have One Rate applied will show the 'Special Rating Applied' line with the value 'FEDEX_ONE_RATE':

Please note that if the quote properties will show that the packaging type was sent as Your Packaging, you will need to check Point 2 once more, as One Rate will not be applied here:

NB! If you tick both boxes under the Shipping Quotes section of the FedEx config, you will see 2 instances of the same FedEx returned, but with different pricing:

Possible error messages:

When using the FedEx One Rate feature, in certain cases, the following error message may appear during label print:

Error: Packaging is not allowed.

The following error message indicates that Packaging Mapping was done incorrectly and you would need to review Point 2 and apply the required changes for label to get printed. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact Linnworks Technical Support.

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