When printing labels via APC Overnight integration in Linnworks, the Delivery Type on the APC backend is wrongly set up as Third Party instead of Sender, and the Collection Date is printed as Next Day.


The core of this problem lies in the Sender Address details, specifically if there is a discrepancy between the Sender Address in the APC Overnight config and the address specified on the APC backend.

To fix this, follow the steps provided below: 

1. Go to Shipping > Integrations > Config for the APC Overnight integration.

2. Log in to your APC backend and navigate to the section where you can view your address.

3. Compare the Sender Address from Linnworks and the one on the APC backend. To ensure accuracy, it might be helpful to copy and paste the APC address into the Linnworks APC Overnight integration config to avoid extra commas or spaces.

4. After making necessary corrections, Save the changes.

5. Test by printing a new label via Linnworks for APC Overnight integration to ensure the issue has been resolved.

If the issue persists after following the steps above, reach out to Linnworks Technical Support and provide screenshots of the address from the APC backend.