My Royal Mail integration is in Awaiting Vendor status for more than 3 working days.


Once Royal Mail integration is added to the system, a notification is sent to Royal Mail to verify and approve the integration request. However, in some cases, Royal Mail may not approve the integration due to the incorrect information provided. The most common examples include providing an incorrect main Royal Mail OBA account email address or Royal Mail OBA account number.

In order to resolve the issue and get the form processed, please follow these steps:

1. Check that there are no tickets created by Linnworks Support Agents that inform you about issues with the Royal Mail integration. If there are, please reply to the ticket with the correct information requested by the agent.

2. If there are no tickets like this then you would need to contact Linnworks Support for further investigation.

Please note: 

- The OBA email address that should be provided/used for the integration should be the main OBA email address, and not a user address. 

- The OBA account must be accessed at least once in 30 days via the following link, as otherwise the account will get deactivated on Royal Mail end and the integration will not get processed

- If the account has been deactivated, you would need to contact Royal Mail to get the OBA record activated again or will alternatively need to re-register for OBA. You should be able to log in via in order to integrate Royal Mail in Linnworks.

- If the account has been re-activated or newly registered, you would need to login to using the registered email address and password. Once logged in, please press 'Access OBA' and this will register the account as live.