I have tried printing a shipping label and the following error(s) is (are) returned separately or all together:

Package 0 has changed

Postcode does not match

Postalcode does not match

AddressLine1 does not match

AddressLine2 does not match

AddressLine3 does not match

CustomerName does not match

CompanyName does not match

Email does not match

Phone does not match

Weight does not match

Dimensions do not match

PostageCharges does not match


The error is returned when after a shipping label gets generated for an order, there are changes applied to some of the order address details, weight/dimensions or cost fields and the label is being attempted to get reprinted. Due to a mismatch in the data stored against the consignment when it got first generated and to the data present on the order now the error is returned mentioning the relevant field that no longer matches. 

If you wish to review what the order Postal Code, Country Code, Customer Name, Email or Weight and Dimensions were during the original label print, you will be able to check those value via Shipping > Shipping Manifests > Locate the courier and service used when printing > View > Use the filter icon to locate the specific Order Id. Click on the Packages tab to check the recorded weight and dimensions during the original label print. Once these are confirmed, you may amend them back to the original value on the order and that should allow you to reprint the label, given the order has not been processed yet in Linnworks.

If the error mentions Address lines, Company name or some other field that is not visible in the Shipping manifest, you may confirm the original values with Linnworks support for the given order.

Alternatively if the original label that was generated prior to order details getting changed is not needed, you may Cancel this label via the Open Order screen or via the Shipping Manifest and then generate a new label using the updated details currently assigned to the order.