NB! Cancelling shipping label via Linnworks is not supported by all Courier Integrations. Please check here whether your Courier Integration allows cancelling labels via Linnworks.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • You can only cancel a label if the manifest has not been filed yet. If you need to cancel a label for an order in an already filed manifest, please contact the Courier directly.

  • A label for a Processed Order can only be cancelled in the Shipping Manifests screen. After cancelling a label for a processed order, you will not be able to change the shipping service. To print a new label with a new service, please create a resend order and select the shipping service you wish to use.

  • If the order has been deleted before the label was cancelled, you will receive the following error:
    Unable to find order ID
    To cancel a label for a deleted order, please contact our Technical Support.

  • When using Royal Mail OBA or Tracked integrations, each user has a  daily Cancellation Limit set which is individually calculated - normally it will be 15% of the number of labels printed per day.
    This is a requirement set in place as per request from Royal Mail directly. If you need to cancel more labels due to some unexpected circumstances (incorrect service printed accidentally, etc), please contact our Technical Support.

The full documentation page for cancelling shipping labels is available here.

To cancel a shipping label:

1. In the Open Orders screen:

If the order is still open, then you can cancel the label when you select the order > right-click or Actions > Shipping > Cancel Label

2. In the Shipping Manifests screen:

A shipping label for both an open and a processed order can be cancelled also in the Shipping Manifests screen if the manifest has not been filed yet:

Shipping > Shipping Manifests > View on the needed courier line > View on the needed service line > Cancel on the needed order line.