Technical support for the following integrations is provided by the developer of the integration directly.

Third-party courier integrations:

Linnworks has a variety of different Courier Integrations available. The available integrations are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Linnworks Direct integrations - developed, maintained, and supported by Linnworks team.
  2. Third-Party Applications - Developer: Extensibility - developed, maintained and supported by members of Linnworks developers as 3rd party applications. Details, further information and technical support can be requested from Linnworks team.
  3. Third-Party ApplicationsĀ - created, maintained and supported by standalone developersĀ or the providerĀ themselves.

Linnworks Team does not have access or full details and logs available for integrations by 3rd party integrations. If any details about the integration have been provided by the developer, then they are displayed in the respective Courier Integrations documentation. For further information and technical support, please contact the developer directly (contact links provided either in the Courier Integrations page or above list).