Shipping Quotes feature can be used to compare available shipping services from a range of couriers, to find the cheapest service for your orders.

To get shipping quotes for your orders, select the order(s) in Open Orders > right-click or Actions > Shipping > Get Quotes:

Full details for using the Shipping Quotes feature are available in the respective documentation page here.

If you are not seeing any quotes at all or not the quotes you expect to see in the Get Shipping Quotes screen, then please check the following:

1. Does the Courier Integration you are using support Shipping Quotes function?
Not all Courier Integrations support this function. You can check either in the respective documentation page from the list given here, whether the integration supports it.

Or check the Quotes icon in the Shipping > Integrations screen. If it is greyed out, the integration does not support the Shipping Quotes function.

2. Are the services you are expecting to see quotes for added to your Shipping Integration? 

If you are expecting to see all possible quotes from your integrated vendor, please go to Shipping > Integrations > Quotes and check whether you have the Quote only for added services setting enabled. With this setting enabled, you would not receive quotes for any services that are not yet added to your Courier Integrations.

3. Does the order have correct/any weight and/or dimensions added?

Most Couriers require there to be weight added to your order. Check that the order has the correct weight added and that it does not exceed the limits set up by the Courier for the services you are expecting to see. 

Some Couriers also require dimensions to be set. Check the order also has correct dimensions added.

4. Does the order have the correct address (Country and Postal Code) added?

Check that the Postal Code and other address details are correct and do not contain any unknown characters. 

Also, check that the country on the order is not UNKNOWN and that the ISO code, which is sent to the courier for receiving quotes, is correct (Settings > General Settings > Manage Countries > ISO Code compared to the Alpha 2 list given here).

For DHL, the Town, Country and Postal Code need to match the values suggested here:

5. For Amazon Buy Shipping Integration:

In order to see quotes for DPD services under Amazon Buy Shipping integrations, you will need to make sure the service is correctly configured by following the steps in this article.

Royal Mail CRL/1st Class/2nd Class non-signature services will not be displayed in the Get Quotes function in the Open Orders screen.

6. For Amazon Shipping integration:

Check that your Pickup schedule times are set up correctly in the Shipping integration, or the quotes may not be showing up appropriately (Shipping > Integrations > Amazon Shipping > Config)

If the Pickup schedule times are off compared to what you see on Amazon even by 30 minutes, then the quotes would not be returned. Since the times can also change on the Amazon end directly, which means they would need to be updated on the Linnworks integration often, then we advise leaving them empty on the integration to avoid these issues.

When the schedule times on the integration configuration are left empty, the closest available pick-up will be booked instead.