When receiving errors during shipping label printing, the first step is always to check the error message itself as in a lot of cases it already states where the issue may lie.

You can see the error message when hovering your cursor over the red envelope icon on the order:

If you are unsure what the error message is referring to or it is unclear, copy the error message itself to our Knowledge Base search as the most common errors will already have a solution article provided by our Shipping Team.

If you are still unable to find a solution for the matter, feel free to contact our Technical Support and provide the Vendor whose service you are using, the error message and the order ID where you are seeing the error.

NB! Please make sure to check that the Vendor integration you are using is created by Linnworks. In case of 3rd party Vendor integrations, Linnworks Technical Support will have limited information available about any issues and technical support is provided directly by the developer only as also stated in our documentation. You can check whether the integration is created by a 3rd party by clicking on the respective integration icon in our Courier Integrations page and checking the Overview section.

Solution articles for some common errors: