We need to declare dangerous goods when printing Parcelforce shipping labels


There are various attributes required to be sent to Parcelforce when declaring dangerous goods. These attributes need to be added to order item extended properties. Please note that if you are sending a composite item, properties would need to be added to the child items only.

List of required properties:

LQDGUNCode - UN Code of the dangerous goods

LQDGDescription - short description of dangerous goods, for example 'Battery'

LQDGVolume -  only needs to be filled out for those UNCodes that use ltr unit of measurement rather than Kg (only the numeric value is required)

Please note! 

- Type for all properties needs to be set as 'Attribute'

- LQDGDescription field cannot contain any special symbols.

- Values for all of the above attributes may be clarified with your Parcelforce account manager.

When the label will be printed using the above set up, it will display the LQDG logo on it.

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