In order to add Australia Post to your Linnworks account, you will need to follow the steps below. 

After completing them you will receive an email with API credentials that will need to be used to add the shipping integration to Linnworks.

1. Setup a Developer Centre account (important):

Note: If already registered, or have a MyPost account, please login with those details.

2. Register for the Shipping & Tracking APIs

a) Click on the ‘Register your interest today’ link.

b) Ensure you specify all account numbers, separated by commas

c) Specify your platform partner (Linnworks) in the second step of the registration process (important)

d) If available, you can specify your API key in the comments field and request this account to be added to that key (optional)

3. Wait for confirmation email and then follow the steps as provided

  • Go to Shipping > Integrations > Add Integration.
  • Find Australia Post in the list with all possible integrations and click Integrate.
  • Add Account Name, this can be anything but should be meaningful for later reference and click Next.
  • Confirm that you have existing account.
  • Add details received in the email.