Instead of a shipping label from a courier, a generic label was printed for the order.


Most common reasons for this:

1. Shipping Vendor is not assigned to the order

2. The Shipping Vendor is assigned but the shipping service that is assigned to the order is not linked to the shipping integration.


1. Shipping vendor is not assigned

Go to Orders > Open Orders > double-click on the affected order > Shipping & Packaging > check the service and vendor:

If it is set to NONE as on the above screenshot the Generic Label will be printed. 

To change Shipping Vendor and service to the correct one you can use one of the two options:

a) Click on the Edit button on the upper right while still in the View Order screen and select the correct vendor and service from the dropdowns:

b) Select the needed order(s) in the Open Orders screen > right-click or Actions button > Shipping > Change Service > select the Vendor > Select the Service.

In the old Open Orders screen the path is: right-click the affected order > Action > Bulk Change > Change Shipping Method > Select Vendor > Select Service.

2. Service is not linked

If a Vendor and a Service are specified on the order, then you would need to check if the service is linked to the integration:

1) Go to Orders > Open Orders > copy (!) the exact postal service name from the affected order.

2) In Shipping > Postal Services > use Ctrl + F and paste the postal service name. If there is more than 1 match, please make sure you check only the service that is identical to your search.

3) Next to the postal service name, check the column Integrated with Vendor - if there is no tick, it means the service is not linked to any shipping integration in and will produce a generic shipping label. 

4) Go to Shipping > Integrations > and click the Services button for the integration that should be used for the order.

5) Check through the list to see which is the correct service that should be used for the order. We recommend to also delete any duplicates to avoid any confusion and if needed, link the Postal Service to the existing shipping service with the following steps:

  • Click on the Linking icon on the needed service (Shipping > Integration > Services):

  • Select the existing Postal Service name and click Pick:

If the shipping service exists in Postal Services but does not appear in the above pop up selection, it means it is already linked with a different integration.