There is a limit of 65 characters set by eBay for the attribute value, but in some cases, attribute value needs to be longer. 


The solution is to use multiple extended properties on your stock item, each with up to 65 characters. You can add the item specific multiple times to the configurator with each instance mapped to a different extended property. When the Linnworks listing template is created, it will retrieve the differing values from the stock item and then subsequently combine them when pushing to eBay.

For example, multiple car parts 'Reference OEM Number' attribute where the number of characters can be more than 65. Here is how the set up looks if you are creating a new listing:

1.  Stock item extended properties first need to be added to the item:

2. In the eBay configurator relevant item specifics should be mapped to the extended properties:

 3. When eBay Listing Template is created all mapped specifications will be pulled to the template:

4. A live listing will get these item specifics, and it will look like this:

If you need to update existing listing with new attributes, please check this article Listing tool - listing adjustment options to find the best option for you.