Inventory mapping is the process of linking Linnworks stock items to live listings. This tells Linnworks which listings to revise when stock levels or prices change, and which stock items have been ordered. Once an item has been mapped, the available stock level will be scheduled to be submitted to the channel.

Full details on Inventory mapping, methods, special criteria, and more, are available here.

Inventory mapping can be done via:

1. Settings > Channel Integration > Mapping

2. Stock Item Linking import or in case of multi-location channels (Shopify, Magento multistore) Stock Item Linking (with channel locations) import.

Channel mapping screen is automatically refreshed once every 12 hours. Whether you have made large scale updates on the channel directly and need the new items to appear faster, then you can use the Download Listings option. Please note, this update can be manually forced with certain time limits depending on the channel. The appearing popups will advise you whether you need to wait until it can be used again.

Channel exclusions - EKM

In inventory mapping for EKM is only available via Stock Item Linking import.

You will require a CSV file with 4 columns - Source, SubSource, Linnworks SKU, Channel SKU.

The Delete Stock Item Linking Import can be used to unlink items, whether necessary. A CSV file with the same columns as for a Stock Item Linking import is required.

Channel mapping troubleshooting 

Whether you are not seeing certain channel SKUs on the Channel Mapping screen, please see below articles for specifics and troubleshooting steps: