Usually, it is intended that Composite Parent SKUs calculate their stock levels based on the stock levels of the Child SKUs. However, there may be some setups, where users require them to have individual stock levels. Due to this, there is a setting in Linnworks My Inventory which helps you choose and assign which logic should be used for your composite items.

If the stock levels of your Composite Parent SKU are not calculating/updating the way you expect them to, please check the following:

The logic of Composite Parent SKU stock levels is determined by the Tracked status of an inventory item, which displays as a red or green circle in the Tracked column in My Inventory:

  • Red circle - the SKU is Untracked, and the stock level is calculated from the child stock levels if it is a Parent SKU. If it is a single item, then this means the stock levels do not change when, for example, orders are processed.

  • Green circle - the SKU is Trackedand the stock levels are individual for the item and, for example, order processing affects the stock levels.

NB! Tracked status is location-specific. One SKU can be Tracked in one location and Untracked in another location. If you are having issues with Composite Parent stock levels, make sure to check the status is set according to your needs in all of your relevant Locations.

If you need to change the Tracked status for your SKUs in bulk, then this can be done by using the Minimum Level values for the items since all items that are set to Untracked will also have a Minimum Level of -1:

  1. Prepare a CSV file with a list of the SKUs for which you want to change the Tracked status.

  2. Add 2 columns: Minimum Level and Location.

  3. Add a value of -1 to the Minimum Level column for all SKUs you want to set as Untracked OR any positive numeric value for the SKUs you want to set to Tracked.

  4. Add the name of the Linnworks location in which you want to change the Tracked status for the SKUs.

  5. Go to Settings > Import Data > Import Now.

  6. Add whichever name you wish, choose type Inventory Import, upload your file, map the columns respectively, click Run Now.

  7. All SKUs you specified in the file will now be set to Tracked/Untracked in the location you added to the file.