I want to be able to sort in Linnworks, either in Open Orders or My Inventory, using Bin Rack, but the order is not useful.


There is no restriction in Linnworks for how Bin Racks should be labelled. However, they may need to be entered in a certain way in order for Linnworks to order them in a sensible sequence in documentation such as invoices or pick lists. This is because of the way a machine will sort, character by character. When sorted, numbers are sorted based digit and then letter. This leads to the following issue:

Entered Bin Rack Linnworks Sort Order
1 1
2 10
3 11
4 12
5 2
A1 20
A2 3
A12 30
B5 4
10 5
11 A1
12 A12
20 A2
30 AA

To solve this, prefix any numbers in your Bin Rack locations with zeros so that they are the same number of digits. For instance:

Actual Bin Rack Locations Linnworks Bin Rack Locations
1 001
2 002
3 003
4 004
10 010
15 015
20 020
30 030

This would apply to numbers that appear in an alphanumeric sequence such as locations like: A-1 to A-100 should be formatted in Linnworks as A-001, A-002 etc.


Prefixing numbers with 0s, so that all strings of numbers are the same length, will ensure that they are sorted in the right order.