Linnworks Categories can be deleted in the Inventory > Categories screen.

Select the category you want to delete, click the Delete button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

NB! A category can only be deleted if no SKUs are assigned to it. If there are any SKUs (including archived SKUs) still left with this category, you will see an error in the lower right of the screen:
An error occurred while deleting the category.

In order to identify and unassign SKUs from the category in bulk, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Inventory > My Inventory

  2. Select the category you want to delete in the search bar Category dropdown to only show the SKUs within that category and click Search.

  3. Click on Export.

  4. In the Export File screen:
    - Select Export type: Inventory View.
    - From the Available columns only tick Category that is located under the General fields.
    - Selected fields should then only show SKU and Category.
    - Click Export in the lower right.

  5. In the downloaded file, change the category values to Default or any other category you need to be added to the items instead of the category you want to delete.

  6. Go to Settings > Import Data > Import Now.

  7. Add whichever name you like, select type Inventory Import, select the amended file from the export, map the columns respectively and click Run Now.

  8. Once the import has finished, all the SKUs will be added to the category you specified in the file and there should not be any SKUs left in the category you want to delete. You can check this by using the search from Step 2.

  9. Now you can delete the category in Inventory > Categories screen.