Sometimes you may come across a situation, where you are trying to delete a SKU in My Inventory, but it still remains in the system. Deleting it has not worked manually nor via Delete Stock Item import.

No errors are produced when clicking or selecting Delete and you can even see a green message on the lower right of the screen stating "Item successfully deleted", but the SKU remains visible on the screen.


It is very likely that you are not able to delete the SKU, because it has, either purposefully or by accident e.g. via an incorrect import, been added as a Variation Parent SKU.

You can check this by creating a view in your My Inventory, which would only show Variation Parent SKUs. If this SKU is visible in the view, then it is recorded in the database as a Variation Parent.

In order to fully delete this SKU, you will need to use the specific Delete Variation Items import designed to delete Variation Parent SKU relationships.

If the SKU is still not deleted after running this import and is still not being deleted with a manual delete action either, please contact our Technical Support for further assistance.