FBA integration does not support composites in Linnworks. Reason for that is FBA items are all regarded by us as Single items because we have no control over the stock level of child items on FBA. Thus in order for the channel to send stock levels to the Linnworks SKUs, separate items (for parent and child SKUs) need to be created on the back-end (and linked with Linnworks) in order for it to send stock levels.

So at the moment, there are two ways to work with kits when submitting them to FBA:

 1. When the kit is a composite item (single level). In this case, we simply think that there are child items with the same SKU on FBA side. As when we receive an order with a composite item, the system breaks it into child items that it consists of and submits them to FBA. So, once again, in this case, the child items that make up the composite item are to exits on FBA. Their Linnworks SKUs and FBA SKUs should match.

 2. Another way is to treat the kit as a pre-packaged item that is set as an ordinary item in Linnworks inventory (not a composite one). In that case, if the corresponding pre-packaged item exists within FBA, you will be able to submit such order to FBA and stock levels will be syncing.