When the custom label SKU of a linked listing is changed directly on eBay, Linnworks will still retain the record of the old SKU in the database, which it will try to update on every inventory synchronization with eBay. As the updated SKU will no longer exist on eBay, the inventory synchronization will fail. If this has happened, you will notice a number of this type of errors:

Account EBAY1, Revise Inventory call failed for ItemId(s) 123456789123 [SKU_AFFECTED], error : eBay error 21916799: SKU Mismatch SKU does not exist in Non-ManageBySKU item specified by ItemID.

This means that when Linnworks tries to submit a stock level to the following listing for the SKU, it cannot match it to your eBay custom label.

In order to restore the connection between the Linnworks stock item and the eBay listing, the link between the two will need to be re-created by following these steps:

  • Proceed to Settings > Channel Integration
  • Open the Mapping screen for the affected eBay integration and find the listing in question > unlink the listing from the stock item

  • Edit Channel > Download Listings

  • Link the item again with the same inventory item

This will then restore the connection between the Linnworks SKU and the correct eBay SKU for this listing.

When working with a large number of listings that need to be updated, the process of manually re-linking the listings may be tedious, which is why it would be more efficient to update the listings in bulk, rather than one by one.

In order to bulk update the linked listings, a CSV file may be exported from Linnworks, which will contain the eBay listing information. Such a CSV file may be obtained from the Query Data dashboard under the 'eBay Inventory - Active' query type.

This CSV file may then be used with the 'Delete Stock Item Linking' import type, available within the Import Data tool in Linnworks.net, to unlink the listings in bulk.

The information on how to remove the linking via the Import Data tool can be found here:

After the affected listings have been unlinked, the Import Data tool can be used to link the stock items to the correct listings, as well. However, the CSV file will need to be amended to ensure that each eBay SKU custom label has the correct Linnworks stock item in the Linked Item column. Essentially, this will be the same eBay SKU that has been removed in the previous step and will only require the correct Linnworks SKU to be added into a separate column that it will need to be linked back to.

Once the file is ready, it will need to be run through the Stock Item Linking import type in the Import Data tool. The following guide describes the setup of the Stock Item Linking import:

Another option to link the listings in bulk can be used if the new custom label matches the SKU of the Linnworks inventory item. The 'Link all by SKU' option is available in the mapping screen for an eBay account by going to Settings (cogwheel button) and selecting Link all by > SKU

If this option is selected, Linnworks will compare the SKU of each eBay listing currently present in the mapping tool and link it to a matching Linnworks SKU that it will find. Note that this will only be done for each unlinked listing. Listings which are linked will not be relinked.

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