When adding new or revising existing eBay listings, an error or a warning message can be returned by eBay. Unlike the warning message, an error will prevent your listing from being created or revised.

Linnworks has no control over these error messages and simply displays the errors that eBay send us. Most of such errors are self-explanatory. 

Here are some error examples and their solutions:

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Restrictions & Requirements

Error (21916884): Condition is required for this category.

When you list an item, it is eBay requirement to specify its condition. Condition descriptions differ by item category, please check this eBay documentation to know more: Item conditions by category and Item Condition IDs and Names.

In Linnworks condition can be specified in the configurator > Main settings:

Item Condition: Default value for your items' condition. Note that conditions may vary by category.

Extended Property for Condition: Extended property which contains the condition ID. If the item does not have the specified extended property, then the default item condition will be used. Using extended property will override the default condition.

Extended Property for Condition Note: Extended property which contains the condition note to be sent to eBay. If you are selling items that are not new, it is possible to specify their condition by adding the extended property with additional details about the item's condition to each inventory item.

Once you edit any setting in the configurator it is required to revise it so that changes were sent to all templates in it and listings.

Error (21919028): Portions of this listing cannot be revised if the item has bid or active Best Offers or is ending in 12 hours.

The most common cause of this error is when someone attempts (accidentally or intentionally) to disable the best offer on an item.

eBay configurator > Main > Listing Settings > Enable best offer 

Please check that this option is not disabled on your configurator.

Error 21919188: This listing would cause you to exceed the amount you can list. You can list up to xxx more in total sales this month. Please consider reducing the starting price or request to list more.

This error message suggests that you ran out of the listing limit you have on eBay. When Linnworks try to submit listing it is getting rejected due to limitations on the channel. To resolve this error you would need to contact

eBay for further assistance regarding your limit.

Error (21919303): The item specific MPN is missing. Add MPN to this listing, enter a valid value, and then try again.

In order to resolve this issue, you need to add MPN to your listing templates. Please refer to the following documentation article.

Error (21919301): The EAN field is missing. Please add EAN to the listing and try again.

In order to resolve this issue, you need to add MPN to your listing templates. Please refer to the following documentation article.

Error 107: The category isn’t valid, select another category.

Sometimes eBay makes changes to the categories. If eBay category which was submitted to the channel for the item is invalid or no longer available eBay will return the error. Here you can view the changes done to the categories and see if any of those that you use were changed.

Account EBAY1, Revise Inventory call failed for ItemId(s) 123456789123 [SKU_AFFECTED], error : eBay error 21916799: SKU Mismatch SKU does not exist in Non-ManageBySKU item specified by ItemID.

This means that when Linnworks tries to submit a stock level to the following listing for the SKU it cannot match it to your eBay custom label.

In order to restore the connection between the Linnworks stock item and the eBay listing, the link between the two will need to be re-created by following these steps:

  • Proceed to Settings - Channel Integration
  • Open the Mapping screen for the affected eBay integration and find the listing in question > unlink the listing from the stock item

  • Edit Channel > Download Listings

  • Link the item again with the same inventory item

Error: The quantity must be valid number greater than 0.

If stock level is 0 on eBay close the listing automatically and it will not allow creating a listing if stock is 0.

Error 942: Quantity is not valid for an item with variations At least one of the variations associated with this listing must have a quantity greater than 0.

If the product has variations, at least one variation must have a quantity greater than 0, please check that the item(s) have stock. In case there is stock in Linnworks but the error is still returned, please check that you have correct locations enabled for this channel in Settings > Channel Integration > Location Mapping and that inventory sync is enabled.

Error (21919136): Add at least 1 photo. More photos are better! Show off your item from every angle and zoom in on details. Error parameters: Add at least 1 photo. More photos are better! Show off your item from every angle and zoom in on details., Add at least 1 photo. More photos are better! Show off your item from every angle and zoom in on details.

The error occurs when there are no images in the template of the listing, eBay requires at least 1 photo of the item you are selling. You can add images to Template > Images from the product, from your PC or URL

Error (21916603): Variation specifics cannot be changed in restricted revise.

Error (21916585): The variation attribute values cannot be changed once listing has been created.

Error (21916603) and Error (21916585) means that you are trying to change variation attributes, which is not allowed by eBay restrictions when listing has had sales. Linnworks has no control over these error messages and instead, just displays the errors that eBay have sent us. This means there is no workaround for this within Linnworks as it is out of our control. As eBay doesn't allow changes to variations attributes after sales have been made, you need to either relist this listing or change variations to what you currently have on your listing.

Error (21916734): Variation pictures cannot be removed during restricted revise.

This means that you can not change your pictures or remove variations if you have sold some items for this listing. This is an eBay restriction.

The only option would be to recreate this listing with all variations.


Error (21915469): At least one valid postage service must be specified.

It is an eBay requirement to have at least 1 valid postage service assigned to the configurator. You can assign shipping service automatically from Linnworks and this information will appear on the channel listing:

eBay Configurators > Shipping column for the configurator you want to update > Add shipping service > Choose shipping service from the list > Put price default value > Save

Error (21916250): A return policy must be specified.

You get this error because you need to set up your Business Policies in your eBay configurator > Payment before creating a listing.

Error (21919177): Because you've specified Local Collection Only for this item, you can't require immediate payment.

This occurs because no Shipping Services have been selected within the Shipping settings of the configurators, as such, immediate payment may not be requested. In order to get around this, you will need to go to eBay Configurators >  Shipping Settings and add at least one postal service to the window on the bottom. Note that at least either Price Default Value must be specified or Extended Property mapped - both fields cannot stay blank.

Error: Error (21917100): No rate table has been created. Please create the rate table.

In your configurator, you have selected the option to use a shipping rate table at eBay but have not configured the rate table at eBay. When using shipping rate table all the services in configurator will be ignored and eBay shipping rate table will be a priority.

Please configure that table on eBay or disable that option. After that please select configurator, click Revise.

Error (560): WeightUnit must correspond to predefined eBay values.

This error message comes up due to incorrect shipping rate. It is not possible to set shipping rate: FlatDomesticCalculatedInternational in configurator's settings for UK sellers. Currently calculated shipping is working for US only (shipping costs are automatically calculated for buyers based on their ZIP code, the weight of the package, and the type of shipping service). 


Error (353): Your listing cannot contain javascript (".cookie", "cookie(", "replace(", IFRAME, META, or includes), cookies or base href.

eBay return this error if some type of javascript that they do not allow on the site is present in the listing. The cause of this error might be unclear as eBay does not return any details regarding this problem.

In case your template contains one of the items below, eBay may return the error in question:

  • .cookie
  • . cookie
  • cookie(
  • replace(
  • META

The following javascript functions can also cause this error:

  • cookies
  • base href
  • includes

eBay HTML and JavaScript policy:

eBay UK

eBay USA

Taking this into consideration, it is recommended to check the HTML code of your template and/or contact eBay for further clarification, if required. Before doing this, contact technical support for the XML file of the problematic listing so that you could provide eBay with this feed to clarify what exactly they do not work within the HTML description Linnworks is sending.

Error (20004): A mixture of Self Hosted and EPS pictures are not allowed.

The error is returned as eBay supports two types of photos, those uploaded directly from your desktop to eBay hosting (EPS = Ebay Picture Services)  and photo addresses or URLs that are hosted on an outside server (self-hosted). If both are used in the same listing, then they will give you the error.  All images that are uploaded from Linnworks are hosted on Amazon servers, so they are considered self-hosted.

To resolve it, please proceed to eBay backend, locate this listing and remove all images from it. After this will be done, please proceed to Linnworks and Update the listing template once more, so that all images that are present in Linnworks for this listing (those that are enabled in the Images tab on the listing template) will be re-sent to eBay.

Error 240: The item can’t be listed or modified.  

This is a general eBay error and it will have more details directly from eBay below it. There are several reasons this error may be shown. Here are main examples:

  • You're a new eBay Seller
  • Your Seller Account does not have enough positive feedback
  • You have improper/prohibited eBay terms in your listing
  • Your selling limit may have been reached
  • Your Seller Account may require acceptance of new eBay terms
  • You are trying to Auction an item with a quantity higher '1'
  • Use of email address and/or '@' anywhere in your listing
  • Incorrect 'Category' assignment

Please review your listing to make sure that you follow eBay listing limits and selling allowances.

Listing and selling allowances (UK)

Selling practices policy (UK)

Limits on eBay sellers (USA)

Selling practices (USA)

In case you cannot identify the reason for the error, please contact eBay to find out why your account has a limit and to see which actions need to be taken to resolve it.