I want to display an RRP price on my listings, showing the discount on products I am offering.


To offer this, your account needs to be approved for Strike-Through Pricing (STP), part of the Discount Pricing program, by eBay. This is available in the USA, UK and DE markets for listings that have been at the original price for at least 28 days. 

Once your account is approved for STP, the configurator you intend to use to list with also has to have the Sold on eBay option enabled. This can be found in the Main options under the listing section

The strike-through price is added to each stock item using an extended property in the following format:

Property NameProperty ValueProperty Type
The value you wish to display
The value you wish to display
The value you wish to display
The value you wish to display

If you are using Euros or US Dollars, the property name suffix must be set as RRP_EUR or RRP_USD as appropriate. For information on how to add extended properties, both singularly and in bulk, please see this guide.

You can have a different RRP Property Names for the same SKU across multiple eBay accounts or sites. Channel-specific Property Name that has more details specified in its name will have priority so if for the same SKU will be specified Property Names RRP_GBP and RRP_EBAY1_GBP, then RRP_EBAY1_GBP will be sent to the channel for this item. Same as if RRP_EBAY1_UK_GBP and RRP_EBAY1_GBP will be added to the same item then RRP_EBAY1_UK_GBP will be sent. 

Please Note! If no extended property is added for the RRP then this value will be taken from the Retail Price on the General Tab.


Adding the appropriate extended property to a stock item and enabling the Sold on eBay option in the configurator will display the strike through pricing on your eBay listings

How to delete RRP price from the listing?

If the extended property price is less than the sales price, then the strike through pricing will not be displayed. In order to delete RRP price:

1. Edit RRP price extended property value to the number less than the sales price

2. Adjust listing

3. RRP Price will not be displayed