I want to display an RRP price on my listings, showing the discount on products I am offering.


To offer this, your account needs to be approved for Strike-Through Pricing (STP), part of the Discount Pricing program, by eBay. This is availablefor listings that have been at the original price for at least 28 days. 

Once your account is approved for STP:

  1. Go to Settings > Configurators > eBay > Main > enable the setting Sold on eBay.

  2. Add an extended property to each stock item that should have the strike-through price.
    Steps for adding extended properties manually and/or in bulk are available in this guide. 

    The Property Name should be in one of the following formats:
    • RRP_CurrencyCode e.g. RRP_GBP or RRP_USD - this value will be used on listings on all eBay channels and marketplaces using the specified currency.

    • RRP_SubSource e.g. RRP_EBAY0 - this value will be used on all listings on the specified eBay SubSource.

    • RRP_SubSource_CurrencyCode e.g. RRP_EBAY0_USD - this value will be used on listings on the specified eBay SubSource using the specified currency.

    • RRP_SubSource_MarketplaceCode_CurrencyCode e.g. RRP_EBAY0_UK_GBPthis value will be used on listings in the specified Subsource that are listed on the specified country marketplace and use the specified currency.

  3. The Property Value should be the value you want to display for the RRP price.

  4. The Property Type needs to be Attribute.

Each item can have different RRP properties added at the same time. The priority given to an RRP extended property depends on how specific the property name is. E.g. RRP_EBAY0_UK_GBP on one SKU will take priority over RRP_EBAY0.


Adding the appropriate extended property to a stock item and enabling the Sold on eBay option in the configurator will display the strike-through pricing on your eBay listings.

How to delete the RRP price from the listing?

If the extended property price is less than the sales price, then the strike-through pricing will not be displayed. To delete the RRP price:

  1. Edit the RRP price extended property value to be less than the sales price.
  2. Revise the listing.
  3. RRP Price will not be displayed.