New Pricing What A Joke!

.....We have listened to you, we want to help small businesses, reward your loyalty, total crap!

Our subscription is due to increase from £200 to £450 that is a 125% increase, I will just repeat that, 125%!!

Your order volume breaks are well out of line unless you are a bedroom eBayer

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Wow! Our bill seems to be going up from 2k to around 50k. The thing that's hitting us the most is the amount of orders. Like most on here, we are in a high volume low margin business and so we most definitely can't afford 12p an order. One of the reasons we joined linnworks a long time ago was due to their pricing structure. It was one affordable cost and off you went. All the others such as channel advisor etc would charge you more as you grew which we didn't want. It now seems we will also be leaving. I will also be contacting the press about this as im sure they'd love a good story of how Linnworks rewarded its most loyal customers with an increase of thousands LOL!

What a f***** shambles. We'll now have to spend time effort and money to change over. Whoever the new CEO is who's made this decision needs to be given his P45 and shown the door.

Rant over!

Time to start looking for alternatives!

I've read about selro on this discussion so will give them a call? Does anyone else have any other recommendations?

Linnworks, any comment?

I highly recommend everyone on here to take 2 minutes out of your time to leave your thoughts on trustpilot. You see, us venting out our frustrations on here does them no harm since they're probably ok with us leaving. However it doesn't let any future customers know exactly what they're going to get them selves in for! Such as the double, triple and then quadruple of subscription fees. So go onto trustpilot and put an honest review of what you feel like and how you feel you've been treated. Then if they give a crap about their reputation, you may get a response. I called in earlier to complain and was told i've been assigned a sales agent and that i would get a link in my email to book a meeting with them to go over this. Well guess what? My earliest appointment is the 3rd of June which is around 2 weeks away! No was Jose am i wasting 2 weeks to be told that nothing can be done. I'd rather start today to look at alternatives!

Here is a link for you lazy buggers out there hehe. Click on it and tell everyone what you think!

I was going to wait until Linnworks commented on here before writing my Trustpilot review but I think they've had long enough.  They are clearly monitoring all channels to see the fallout from this price increase. Give them, and all their prospective customer,  plenty to read.  That link again :

 We are going for £150 per month for 5000 ordered then 12p per order after that so are new price will be around £4170 + Vat for a system that fails all the time even today we cant print as the print servers are down

Linnworks, Any comment? (Or shall I add a lack of communication to the poor reviews)

they were supposed to ring me back this morning but they haven't so i wouldn't expect a response Rich, I think we all need to just go and leave them to it, they obviously don't want our business.

We have arranged our meeting to discuss this with Linnworks as many other people on here, although we have to wait until the end of the month for it.
I do have a concern that I was wondering if anyone would have an answer to from Linnworks.

We currently use Ebusiness Guru's LinnPos integration to act as our main till system, which in turn obviously syncs our stock within Linnworks AND creates our till orders within Linnworks and processes them.

We are very concerned whether our sales through LinnPos would actually contribute to our total orders per month, and would they be subject to the 12p charge per order when the total is exceeded?

If they do then we will have to give SERIOUS consideration to moving to a new system, we already pay Ebusiness Guru for the use of LinnPos and now we may have to pay out an awful lot more?? I don't see why our Store sales should be subject to this.

Would anyone here know what happens in this situation by any chance?

Thanks in advance

Absolutely outrageous pricing plan! LINNWORKS must think average order prices are £100+ for companies. This will cripple 20% of LINNWORKS users. Crappy slow print system, terrible customer service and i do mean TERRIBLE

The pricing plan actually in general is not too bad but its the cost per additional order that is absolutely ridiculous! it should be 0.010 and 0.012

10p and 12p is sometimes sales margins on companies with massive VRS....

Like many here this is very disappointing news.

When I first started with Linnworks it was made clear that the service was charged at a flat rate and not linked to order volume or turnover. That policy now appears to have been revoked. This is a very arrogant move by Linnworks management, trying to muscle in on their customers turnover. Imagine if Microsoft decided to start charging every time you created a new word document?

Like may others I to will see a huge price hike of thousands of pounds. I can't afford that. Simples!

The order threshold for the cheapest plan, and there are only 2, of 1000 orders is ridiculously small. If you are handling up to 1000 orders per month then there is a clear case for not needing an automation tool like Linnworks, This is a useless plan.

Most businesses do not need unlimited users. Like many I have more operational computers than Linnworks users but I don't need multiple user accounts. I can manage with 2.

We have around 3 months to see what happens. Let's hope that someone at Linnworks can see some sense.

It's disappointing to see the backlash over this and the horrible reviews on Trustpilot just now. I would suggest that every calms the beans a little and stops that until we hear from the CEO. He has to come back to us all.

It will be a very sad day for me to leave Linnworks after all the years of using them but I simply cannot justify such a huge price increase. I understand that the service may be busy and we all know that because of printing issues so why not just do it the old fashioned way and put the prices up. Add 50 quid onto the monthly charge and an extra £10.00 per month per additional user? Did nobody think of just having a regular price increase?

I know that would also be met with some complaints but nothing like what has happened here.

If they dont respond I will just keep asking and keep stating on the reviews I post just how poor the communication is and it will therefore be a perfectly justifiable comment,

After a big announcement we know they will monitor the forums so to just leave us spitting feathers rather than acknowledge this thread is quite frankly another reason to move elsewhere.

If the only response is "Sorry guys there will be no changes to the model" that would be better than silence. At least then I know that I have to move quickly to a new provider

Come on Linnworks respond to this thread please!

Our new loyalty plans are there, however it says "Opt in before the 12th of August" however when you go to opt in they bill you from that particular date on the new price plan.... just what the hell! we still have 3 months worth of the regular price before the new plan is compulsory.

I understand why their customer service is slow, its due to the amount of clients they have and simply cant keep up with CS. They cant justify up scaling their teams so clearing their lower spend clients seems the best route. 

They have thrown us all in at the deep end, this should have been a 3 year project for them to clear out the low spenders.

Not a very nice customer experience.

The business plan says From £1,450 per month .  'From'.  No idea how much it will be for us then????  Asked for a call back yesterday to discuss.  Heard nothing back.

To the right of the plan gives you your average orders per month. Your plan will have a max order count, then deduct this from your average and times thw answer  by 0.12p and then add to the plan.... If you are a VRS business then good luck controlling your temper!

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