Pre-order (pre-realease etc), backorder products


We have this department on our website where we have all of the products that are about to be released within the next few weeks etc.

Customers have the option to buy these, and they are clearly advised when these will be released and when they can expect the delivery.

So let's say we have a purchase order for 50 units of a product, and that's how much we can sell. We will then update the stock on the website to 50, and these 50 units will become sellable, and as soon as the 50 units are sold the listing will go out of stock.

The problem is that when the website SKU is linked to the Linnworks SKU then the website stock will get updated with the current Linnworks stock, which is 0. So we won't be able to sell any of these pre-release items.

The other option is to change the stock level on Linnworks as well to 50. But then when the purchase order arrives, and the warehouse will book that in the stock will be updated by another 50.

Or we can simply not make a purchase order so the 50 will only be added once, manually, but that's not the right solution.

The best solution would be to have something on Linnworks that will allow a certain purchase order to be sellable, so it would send the stock on the purchase order to the channels as if it's currently in stock. But when the purchase order arrives and the warehouse scans it in, it will only go towards the original stock, not as an additional 50 units.

Please advise if this feature can be added?



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Any update on this? Am I the only one selling items on pre-order?

Can someone please advise?

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