Every Linnworks user has access to training sessions. A training session involves an hour of training with one of our system specialists who will contact you by telephone and connect to your computer remotely.

Once connected, the agent will be able to control your system using our Remote Support Client, and can guide you in how to use the system properly. Once you open the client, it will generate an ID and Password which you need to forward to us, so that we could connect to your computer.

Training sessions are for training, not for implementation. This means that our agent will not be able to set up any Channel or Shipping integration, or perform any custom work on your system. Instead, the agent will be able to explain and demonstrate how to use a specific part of the system, be it processing orders, designing templates, or creating new listings.

The price for one remote training session is the following (excl. VAT): 75 GBP or 80 EUR or 110 USD.

NB! Our Training calendar is currently unavailable, so to book a training session, please login to Linnworks.net and raise a support ticket letting our team know that you would like to book a training session.