In order for us to provide you with the fastest and most accurate assistance, your Support Ticket should always include as many details as possible.  Be sure to provide all of the details in the body of the ticket, not only the title to avoid being missed.

NB! If you are contacting our Support via email instead of our Support Centre ticket system, please always provide the main account email address for reference so our agents can know which account to look at.

Here is a little list of things which will help us to help you:

Documentation - Give yourself some time and search the documentation for your question. There are good chances that a solution will be found. Please state in the ticket if the documentation about your query is unclear or not present.

Knowledge Base - Our team has compiled several Solution Articles for the most common errors, best practices, and workarounds for commonly asked questions. Take a moment to check whether your query has already been covered.

Examples - Order numbers or SKU numbers that are affected by the issue, please add them to the ticket.

Specifics - Which Source and SubSource is affected, what is the name of the template/import, what is the incorrect value of a stock level/order and what is the expected value, which Shipping Vendor are you using, which Rule in your Rules Engine should have run on an order, etc.

Replication - Providing exact steps to replicate the issue will speed up its resolution.

Screenshots - A picture is worth a thousand words. Please provide a screenshot where the issue is clearly visible. If the issue is related to a Channel, always provide a screenshot of the item/order from the Channel directly.

Video - If you think showing the problem in a video is easier, you can use free services like Please make sure that order numbers and other necessary information are clearly visible.

NB! The available integrations in Linnworks also include several 3rd party Channel and Shipping Integrations. Support for these is provided by the 3rd party developers themselves, and Linnworks Technical Support has limited information available. 

Be sure to check the integration developer in our Channels or Courier Integrations pages, which will always state whether the integration is created by a 3rd party. This will help you to contact the correct party from the start for the fastest resolution. The message will look like one of the below: