Royal Mail allows cancelling a limited amount of labels per day from the manifest. Here are some tips to decrease the number of items you need to cancel from your manifest:

     1. Correct service

Automate shipping service allocation allows avoiding using the wrong service for the order by mistake. This can be done with:

Please make sure that all the settings you are using are correct.

      2. Open Orders View has orders that need to be shipped today

Before printing the label please make sure that you only select the orders that you will ship today. Open Orders screen might have unpaid orders, orders that need cancellation, awaiting supplier orders, orders with items not in stock etc. To select only orders that need to be processed today please configure your Open Orders views.

       3. Defer

There can be awaiting stock orders and those that need to be shipped the next day. In the current manifest, there is a Defer button available for such cases.

Shipping > Shipping Manifest > View Consignments

If the Defer button is clicked, then the order will not be included in the Manifest when filed. The button will also change the title to Include.

If the Include button is clicked, the order will then be switched back to being included in today's Manifest.