Inconsistency with purchase order template (does LW actually visit these forums?)

From recent threads it looks like very few topics get a LW reply, which is a little frustrating given we're trying to improve their product. Anyway, on the Purchase Order templates, it pulls in the Location Address and Name via variables:


000 000 000


Which is great, because it means you can easily change your location address via Inventory > Locations.

But why is the email and phone number are hard-coded in to the Purchase Order template. This means, should your locations have different emails and phone numbers, you now have to create multiple PO templates - just to specify a phone number and email.

Solution? To have the email and phone as variables:



Then you could manage all that data in one place (Inventory > Locations) and it would avoid the need to make multiple templates just to fix a phone number and email!

I hope the Linnworks Community / QA team start acknowledging some of these topics soon :(

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Yes, we do visit the Forum and constantly monitor it.

I can see the potential benefit for the users in your idea. However, due to the fact Locations Details cannot be edited with emails and phone numbers, it is not possible at the moment to have variables  for this information.  You are correct, if there was a possibility for editing this data in the Locations screen, such variables would have become available.

I would suggest you to raise your idea as  a Feature Request so that our Implementation Department would have a chance to review it as long as  other users  vote in favor of this suggestion. Thus, the  more other users vote in favor of it, the more  chances it will be  implemented.  

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

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