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Hi Guys,

I am a new customer, who has a Shopify store already. Moving to Linnworks will of course assist me in selling more on Amazon and Ebay, but in the short term, it has made listing my products on Shopify quite a bit more laborious.

2 issues i have, which it would great if it could be fixed:


When importing my products, the Title goes in one column, and the variant name in another, for example:

Title                       Variant

Pen (Various)        Yellow

Pen (Various)        Red

Pen (Various)        Blue

Pen (Various)        Green

When i import those 4 products, it imports them all with the same name and i have to manually amend in Linnworks


Linnworks cannot pick up the Compare At price field.

I would want to be able to map the Shopify Price field to the Linnworks Pricing by Channel, and also map that Shopify Price field to the generic 'Retail Price' (unless there is a price in the Shopify 'Compare At' field).

Basically, i need Linnworks to understand when a price it is importing is a discounted sale price, and not the RRP of the product.

Can someone please advise a timescale on a fully functioning Listing Tool for Shopify?


Hi Scott,

1) This sounds like a simple fix based on the contents of the file that you used when importing your inventory into Linnworks, you could use an expression to join 2 columns to make the Linnworks title

2) The Shopify listing tool is currently in closed beta phase which does include the 'Compare At' field for listing creation, would you like to participate?



Hi Mark,

Yes, i would like to participate!


Hi all,

Shopify Listing tool is now in Open Beta for all accounts, therefore there is no longer any requirement to request access to the tool

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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