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Is there any plans on increasing the functionality of warehouse transfers?  Currently, the system is only practical for small transfers.  However, what if I have a warehouse with thousands of SKUs and millions of products?  Let's say my warehouse in another state has to transfer 10,000 items to our other warehouse.  If adding each item to a transfer only took one second, that's still three hours of work just to enter the transfer in the system. I could use the reorder low stock feature in LW, and generate a report for low stock in that location, and then that report could be modified for a transfer.  If you can import a CSV into a warehouse transfer, then transfers could be entered in about a few seconds as compared to hours.  The ideal situation would be to have a "transfer low stock" function from one warehouse to another.  And this process could all be done in one feature, but if you could at least enable the import of a CSV into a warehouse transfer, this would make the warehouse transfer function usable for large transfers.



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I agree with Frank above.  There should be a minimum quantity that we want to keep at the "default" location for each product.  Then when we create a warehouse transfer the list should be automatically created to replenish stock to the minimum level if there is stock available in the other location.


we have work underway at the moment relating to Supply Chain management and once this is complete and released we will see what can be done to enhance the Warehouse transfer functionality 

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Hi, we also really need an increase in functionality of stock transfers.

We need to be able to select multiple skus from the sku list and/or be able to scan in stock to a transfer  rather than adding one sku one at a time which is not manageable.  As a work around we are deleting stock from one location and adding it to another which is not a good way of dealing with the requirement of moving multiple skus at once and very prone to errors.

Any update on this?

We don't currently use the stock transfer functionality as it is too time consuming to select each SKU individually.

Same here, 

Would love to see something done about this! 

This is so desperately needed as we have multiple warehouses and this is an archaic system that takes hours to manage.

Please please please update!

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