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Add Australian Courier services

Hi, Product is fantastic

But can you please intergrate with some Australian couriers please.

I know there are alot of australians using this fabulous software, but we can not take full advantage of the shipping component, because you are not integrated with any australian courier companies.

Can you Please look into intergrating with the following, all of which have an Interface, which you can connect into

Allied express couriers

Fastway Couriers

Australia Post


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A lot of Australian business are using and a lot of Australian businesses want to use Linnworks but if it cannot integrate it is not really an option. This issue with Australia needs to be addressed.
Add TNT couriers ars well please!

Also Australia Air Express ( which is by far one of the largest courier for business should be integrated. Changing Time zones would also be great because you can't change timezones. This means that sales shift over different days and analytics are a bit jumbled up.
Hi, Yes

Courier intergration really needs to be added for AUSTRALIA, as it will just provide so much more benefits to AUSTRALIAN Users. its fantastic software, but us AUSSIES are not getting the full benefit of it.

Please add this function

All aussies out there, get onboard this request, to show linnworks there are alot of us down here that would love this feature
Australia post is a must, nearly all sellers have something to do with australia post. obviously be far the biggest provider in australia.

Also other options required for couriers also, such as what was mentioned in the comments, allied express, fastway, tnt etc
I would definetly use this service if it intergrated, Australian courier companies. without it, its not as suitable to me
Any update from linnworks on this ?

Hello I have been quite patient, can I get a response on this please
To set direct integration up we currently do not have enough resources.
Please use custom bespoke method:
Hi, cool post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for sharing.
I just downloaded a trial.

So wish this integrated with Australia post, I am presuming it still does not ?
Has there been any update on this, as an Australian user of linnworks, it would be great if integration with Australia post (click & send or eparcel) was made available. Without this we are having to resort to manual processing. You mention a resourcing issue last year - has there been any changes to resource availability to look at this?
I am sure there are many current and future customers who would benefit from this.
Me too. Add Aussie links please

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