Duplicate Listing

Hi All

We have a recurring problem of duplicate listings on eBay, as we understand when listing the same product on several ebay sites ie co.uk .com .de etc

We have to mark on the config not to ship to the country that also has the listing ie if listed on the UK site and the German site mark that we do not ship to Germany which should hide the UK listing on the German site.

However we keep seeing that all the listings appear in the same shop all at different prices (due to exchange rate) if we update Linnlive price then the listings disappear , however soon as they relist the whole process happens again. Can anyone shed any light because usual Linnworks simply fluff the issue and ignore when a ticket is raised.

Hope someone can help as driving us nuts


I would like to inform you that your ticket has been escalated to me and I am currently looking into the issue. As soon as I have an update I will communicate with you directly via Ticket #1108692.



Technical Support

I see no response to request and the situation is getting worse , so what is getting done AS A MONTH AND NO WORD IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

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