Why is the support in Linnowrks so bad?

The system is not working, orders are not downloading... and there is nowhere to turn to fix it. Support tickets are not answered !

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Hi there Maximillian, 

Found your message indeed. I prefer following up on it in the ticket in stead of in this thread. I already have an idea of what it might be but need to do some testing to be sure.

The support has been so terrible from Linnworks, that we waited 2 days for a reply to a ticket. We then added a comment 2 days later, and still nothing. On the 3rd day we closed the ticket and are now looking for a new solution to Linnworks.

I agree. I am very disappointed with the support I've been getting in regards to throttling problems with Amazon.

The ticket system does not seem to be getting any better , asked a simple question on ticket 1115083 regarding Ebay Country tag and was as usual  LW "can you give me a sku to check" and after supplying skus received the say request for sku again which appears to be a stalling tactic. We are all grow ups and can take the truth that you are busy or don't know. Simply tell the truth and don't leave clients in the dark and see how better your responses will be as we are all just trying to resolve a query 

Hello Gary,

Thanks for your contribution in this thread. Please allow me to explain why we need as much information as possible to fix an issue that might look like 'a simple question' at first glance. Most of the time, when working with multi-channel software there are many different processes involved around a simple SKU. Each channel has it's own characteristics and has a complete module of it's own. Because channel settings can also vary from SKU to SKU, without knowing the exact issue/SKU/setting/channel we might be giving wrong advise, or provide a solution that does not fit. 

Therefore we choose to gather as much information as we can get to pin the issue down precisely so we can give a custom written reply rather then a general response. We encourage everyone to provide as much information as possible when creating the ticket, either in the ticket text box, or from the drop down menu. Even after you have created the ticket you can come back to the ticket and provide more information, paste a screenshot and so on.

When looking at your ticket ID 1115083 I can see that the agent handling it asked you for the SKU only once. Is there perhaps another ticket about the same issue or the same SKU that I am missing? If so, please provide me that ticket's ID so I can chase that up for you. 

All the best,

I am Really Unsatisfied With The Service now as i have faced many Problems since last 30 Days,

Now i just Update the Prices and the Lists Not Updated ,

there comes an Error, previously there was an Error in The Descriptions The Html codes comes Automatically Even the Bar is Empty,

I don't Know what kind of Updates which disturbed The Customers Listings,

This is our Expensive Time Now and we are facing Issue in The season times,

Previously i was used Channel Advisor 3 Years and never Faced such kind of any Issues,

I think in 3 Years i just Contacted with Customer Support not more then 10-15 Times,

Today i have The Same Issue i just Update the Price on Ebay and the list was not updated,

there is an Error ?

i am completely unable to understand that what kind of updated are running in the Linnworks System?

and when it would be completed?

Hello Zurqarnain,

I am sorry to hear that  you are experiencing issues using our software. I have personally contacted the support agent handling your current ticket about the Errors that eBay is sending you and can assure you that we are working on it.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate any other issues that you might have been having the last 30 days as there are no tickets under your name other than the one just mentioned. If there are any other issues, can you let me know what they are?

all the best,

Klaas Schippers

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